Why birth photography…

Birth photography allows you to capture your story, from beginning to end. It gives you physical evidence of the beauty, pain, wonder and love that comes with bringing your baby into the world. It also allows you to share your story with your children for years to come. 

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was overwhelmed with emotion and was taking in all the information I could to prepare for the amazing journey ahead. As I read book after book preparing for natural childbirth, I felt connected to the birth process, even though I had yet to experience it myself. When the day came and I went into labor, I had no idea what would be ahead of me…a difficult and painful 24 hour labor followed by an emergency caesarian birth. My second birth, a planned caesarian, was much smoother and I felt that I had more control and empowerment in my decision, leading to a much more peaceful journey of bringing my baby girl earthside. While my birth experiences were not what I planned for, I am grateful for my story, as it has given me my two amazing gifts and the ability to be born a mama through my two beautiful babies.

In my journey, I have come to revel in the birth process, understanding the amazing journey our bodies, hearts, and spirits take to bring our babies into the world. Each birth is a unique story; a special narrative that we share with ourselves, our babies and the support people beside us.  

It is an honor to spend time with new parents, whether or not it is their first baby, and learn about their journey into parenthood. I am grateful for every birth I am able to attend and can't wait for the opportunity to capture your special birth moments!