Family Portraits

A family session provides the opportunity to capture your family and also creates special and intentional time together while being photographed. Regardless of the stage of life that you family is in, life is often chaotic, stressful and moves by faster than we would like. I love to help families just be together; to laugh, talk and enjoy and celebrate the love of family. A family portrait session is a great excuse to take time out to play and laugh with your young children, or bring together larger families that you don't see as often!

Just you and Me Portraits

This session creates an experience for a parent or grandparent to share one on one time with their child(ren) or grandchild(ren). This session is about sharing laughter, smiles, and conversations, all while enjoying and reveling in the bond you have with your wee ones (even as they grow to be taller than you!). This session will leave lasting memories to offer as gifts for other family members and to have as a forever keepsake of your special relationship. 

For the special woman in your life...

How many times have you heard her say, "don't take that picture of me, I look horrible...?" How many times do you notice that she is the one behind the camera, capturing candid everyday moments of others? How often do you stop to appreciate her, in the special moments of life? As we look through collections of our family photos, how many images can we see that truly capture the spirit and beauty of those most important to us? As I reflect upon my own collection of images, I wish I had more images of my grandmothers, my mother, my aunts, and other important people in my life that show who they are (and were). 

This portrait session is intended to give time and attention to a special woman in your life. A time that can be devoted to her and capturing all that makes her wonderful. Giving the woman in your life this experience will encourage her to take time for herself and allow her to feel beautiful just as she is. Even if she says she doesn't want to be the center of attention, this session is a great way to show her how much you love and appreciate her by giving her this time set aside for her to love and focus on herself, and have beautiful forever images to last a lifetime. 

**This session description speaks to women in recognition that women don't often take space and time for self-care and self-celebration. However, I welcome the opportunity to capture any individual desiring, or deserving of, some intentional self-celebration!!