The First Year

The first year of a baby's life brings so many changes and milestones. The First Year portrait sessions offer the opportunity to capture your newborn baby, and again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year for one package fee (see packages and pricing for more details). The first year of our baby's life passes by so quickly, and we often find ourselves at their first year birthday wondering how we got there! This package offers the opportunity to pre-schedule photo sessions in advance so that the busy-ness of life doesn't get in the way of making sure these moments are captured and provides beautiful and lasting images that showcase your baby's growth and cuteness in the first year!

Senior and Graduation Portraits

Senior and graduation portraits are not just a time to take a yearbook or celebratory photo. They are so much more than that! They are meant to capture the personality and spirit of each graduating student as they begin their journey ahead. Each photo captures elements of the individual and showcases all that makes them amazing and special. Graduation is such an important time in each of yours and your child's life, and a wonderful accomplishment to be proud of. I love working with graduating individuals as they reflect upon their next steps and what is significant about their lives in this very moment, and what they (and their families) would like to see captured for years to come!


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